Why was The Music Box created?

Professional Educators have proven that children who study music at an early age develop enhanced critical thinking skills, and on average, develop stronger math, science and reading skills.  They also score at least 100 points higher on the SATs.  These children develop enhanced social skills and self- esteem, and they have a lower drop out rate.  Music education fosters communication and teamwork, essential elements to success as they grow older, go to college, and start careers and families.  However, public schools today are focusing more and more on math and science in order to better compete in our global economy.  While this is a smart strategy, this focus, along with tight federal, state, and local budgets, has led to budget cuts in the arts, specifically music.  The irony is music education greatly enhances the very skills Americans are trying to improve - math and science.  Additionally, music has a profound impact on our culture and society as a whole.  However, some kids - a growing number - may never have access to the gift of music.

 What is the Mission of The Music Box?

Simply, The Music Box exists to provide musical instruments and music education to children who otherwise may not have access to them.  TMB will also promote the benefits of music education to all children, and recognize and reward teachers and mentors who help carry out this very critical mission.  The Music Box will focus its efforts early on in Kentucky, where it was founded; however, we believe it will grow to cover all of the United States , and perhaps eventually, the rest of the world.  We believe all children should have access to the gift of music.

 Are contributions to The Music Box tax deductible?

The Music Box, Inc is a Kentucky non-profit corporation, and is an independent 501(c)(3) public charity.  Therefore, all contributions made to The Music Box are tax deductible.  Confirmation of your gift, in the form of a thank you letter, will serve as a document you can use for year end tax preparation.

 How was The Music Box initially funded?

TMB was initially funded by its two founders.  The funding was and is used to set up the administration of the charity, cover legal and registration fees, file all required paperwork and produce and maintain all required periodic filings, and develop the web site and other marketing and communication tools.  The funds are also used for carrying out the mission.

 Specifically, how are my contributions used, in line with its mission?

TMB’s primary program used to carry out its mission, is targeted after school programs, where children, generally without means or access to musical instruments or education, receive free use (on site) of instruments, and PRIVATE INSTRUCTION.  Each program lasts one semester, lasting 8, 12, or 16 weeks, depending upon season, logistics, etc.  Children who work hard and show an on-going interest can go for more than one semester.  We encourage children to practice in-between lessons, and we make available the instruments for practice to occur.  Your contributions help buy the instruments, and also pay the teachers.  We believe it is important to demonstrate to the music teachers that we value their time, talent, and mentoring they are making available to these children, and that the business of music pays.  So we insist on paying the teachers at least the going rate.  Music provides a “window” perhaps like no other, to reach children.  It is a universal language.  Our teacher/mentors are very valuable in carrying out the mission of TMB.  We will regularly report our performance and success stories in various channels, so that you as a contributor may know that the funds you give are making a real difference in the lives of children and in society as a whole.

TMB will also proactively reach out to public schools and other non-profit organizations who can effectively help carry out the mission of TMB.  In this case TMB will track their performance, so that again, you will know that the funds you give are making a real difference.  TMB will also promote the benefits of music education to all children, and recognize and reward teachers and mentors who help carry out this very critical mission.

 Who oversees The Music Box?

The Music Box will be overseen by a three person board.  Two of these board members are its founders.  All three share a passion for the rich development of children, particularly those without access.  The two founders run the organization as volunteers.

 How does The Music Box raise money?

The Music Box will raise money by direct solicitation of people and organizations who share our mission, special music events, government, and through other marketing and communication efforts including donations raised on the web site www.themusicbox.org.